Occupational Health Clinic

It's a no-brainer: healthier, happier workers are better, more productive workers, so occupational health services are a must-have for any employer. In fact, Human Resources experts say that obesity alone costs U.S. companies an estimated $12.7 billion in healthcare, sick leave and life and disability insurance. Because obese and otherwise unhealthy employees visit doctors more often than their healthier coworkers, hours and days of absenteeism rack up, putting strain on other employees forced to take up the slack, hindering production and draining your company's bottom line.

Occupational Health Screening Services

Care One of Florida offers a full range of occupational health services for employers and employees in the Tri County area (Citrus, Hernando and Pasco Counties) at both our Brooksville Clinic and our Spring Hill clinic. Care One of Florida's occupational health screening services include:

To ensure that a potential new hire is eligible and medically able to work for your company, Care One of Florida offers pre-employment physicals, drug screenings and immunizations among our comprehensive occupational health services. Our five-panel pre-employment drug screenings will let you know if your potential or current employee has recently taken any of the five common "street drugs" including marijuana, cocaine, PCP, opiates (including codeine and morphine) and amphetamines (including methamphetamine). We also can test for alcohol use.

Should an employee be injured on the job, we have a full staff of Workers' Compensation certified physicians and nurse practitioners specifically trained to diagnose and effectively treat job related injuries and illnesses. And our expert administrative staff makes all the related paperwork, including Workers' comp incident and insurance forms, easy.

Care One of Florida also offers medical screening and surveillance that are compliant with OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) standards. We conduct medical screenings designed to detect disease or body dysfunction before an employee typically would seek medical care. And our medical surveillance services involve analyzing health information to identify problems that may be occurring in the workplace that require targeted prevention

And to help ensure your employees remain in great shape throughout their time with your company, we offer an array of health and wellness programs tailored to your workers' specific health condition, work requirements and lifestyles. These include programs that encourage smoking cessation, weight loss and exercise, among others.

Occupational health service help keep your employees and your company healthy, productive and happy. Contact Care One of Florida via our convenient online email form today to find out how we can keep your staff and your bottom line in great shape.